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   Mireya was abducted in 2016 by her non- custodial mother & taken to the Philippines. Where she continues to be held.

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Question: If there is no way to get Mireya back why do you keep this website up?
The decision to leave the website up is in the hands of Mireya's dad. He plans to keep it up as long as he can in hopes that one day she will see it and know how much he loves her & that she has not for one second not been thought of. 

Question: Why not just hire a lawyer or investigator to go to the Philippines & get Mireya back?
Answer: They do not recognize US laws etc. and Parental child abduction is not a crime under Philippine law.  Custody disputes are considered civil legal matters that must be resolved between the concerned parties or through the courts in the Philippines. Philippine authorities advise that generally the Philippine courts will give custody of children under the age of seven to the mother, We have in the past talked to an organization about going there and retrieving her. At the time we felt it would be like ripping Mireya from her mothers arms would do more harm than good. We just want to be part of Mireya's life. Thats it. No tricks no traps.

Question: What about the  Hague Convention Treaty?

Answer: The Philippines is not a party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, nor are there any international or bilateral treaties in force between the Philippines and the United States dealing with international parental child abduction. Therefore, there is no treaty remedy by which the left behind parent would be able to pursue recovery of the child/ren should they be abducted to or wrongfully retained in the Philippines. Once in the Philippines, the child/ren would be completely subject to Philippine law for all matters including custody. 

Question: Have you and Ruth tried to work things out since she left the country?
Answer: Sorta. We have tried. Ruth has allowed Mireya no contact with her father or his family since she left. We ALL have tried reaching out to Ruth via e-mail  social media this website everything. E-mails go unanswered. We get blocked by her on social media. We would absolutely welcome ANY sort of communication with Ruth. We would LOVE to hear Ruth's side of things.

Question: Do you have any social media acounts for Mireya besides facebook?
Answer: No. At one time a "fan" set up a twitter account but we had to ask her to take it down when she became a little too obsessed with Mireya's case. Sadly, she refused. While it is not active anymore, it is still out there. We have never had any access to it.

Question: Can you or have you tried to contact other members Ruth family?
Answer: Yes. Our messages go unread or ignored or we get blocked on social media. 

Question: Does Ruth or her family have social media?
Answer: Yes. However all their friend buttons on facebook are disabled and Ruth has blocked the entire family. Instagram accounts are all private. We have tried messages & requests but get denied. We have not and will not bother her family on social media. It will get us no where. We ask that others also please not try to contact any member of her family. 

Question: Is Ruth allowed back in the U.S. or is there still a body attachment? Are her or Mireya's passport flagged? What about her family? Can they come and go as they please?
Answer: Mireya is a U.S. citizen (Ruth is not) and can come back anytime. Ruth's family as far as we know has no U.S. travel restrictions.

Question: Do you guys atleast get to see updated pictures of Mireya?
Answer: Yes IF they are posted publicly for all to see. Other than that NO. Ruth & her family have never directly sent us any pictures of her. 

Question: Do you know for sure where Mireya is and that she is being taken care of?
Answer: Mireya has been seen and visited with in person by a orginzation thru the Embassy. It has been confirmed 110% that Mireya is stable, loved, and being well taken care of. We know Ruth and Mireya live with Ruth's parents but we do not have an exact address. The report on her visits can been seen on our documents page. The #1 priorty has & ALWAYS will be Mireya.

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