Question: Are there any current pictures of Mireya?

Answer: 99% of the time any pictures we see we DO NOT share pictures of her with the public or put them on social media. We feel that here is no need.  

Question: Why don't we just hire a lawyer or an investigator to go to the Philippines and get Mireya back?
Answer: The Philippines are protected. They have not yet signed the treaty, do not recognize US laws etc. and Parental child abduction is not a crime under Philippine law.  Custody disputes are considered civil legal matters that must be resolved between the concerned parties or through the courts in the Philippines. Philippine authorities advise the American Embassy that generally the Philippine courts will give custody of children under the age of seven to the mother, provided there is no evidence that would indicate that the mother is unfit to raise the child. Although there is no treaty in force between the United States and the Philippines on enforcement of judgments, the Philippine courts will also take into consideration child custody decrees issued by foreign courts in deciding disputes regarding children residing in the Philippines.

The Philippines is not a party to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, nor are there any international or bilateral treaties in force between the Philippines and the United States dealing with international parental child abduction. Therefore, there is no treaty remedy by which the left behind parent would be able to pursue recovery of the child/ren should they be abducted to or wrongfully retained in the Philippines. Once in the Philippines, the child/ren would be completely subject to Philippine law for all matters including custody. 

Question: What is the Hague Convention?

Answer: Read About It By Clicking Link below:

Question: Have you and Ruth tried to work things out since she left the country?
Answer: No. Ruth has had no contact with Mireya's father. We have tried e-mail and social media. E-mails go unanswered. We get blocked by her family on social media. We would absolutely welcome ANY sort of communication with Ruth. We would LOVE to hear Ruth's side of things.