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   Mireya was abducted in 2016 by her non- custodial mother & taken to the Philippines. Where she continues to be held.

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Reaching out

Posted on August 30, 2019 at 5:10 PM


Dear Ruth,


I dont know if you visit this site or anything. If you do please know I (Britt) sent a message to your brother on facebook. PLEASE read it. I SWEAR on my dad's grave there are no tricks or anything. It's just me reaching out to you. Please read the message. All I ask for is what I said in the message. Is it really fair to keep her from me when I did NOTHING and HAD NOTHING to do with what happened. I just want pics and updates and to talk to you. I really liked you Ruth. Please contact me soon. Any method you choose. My faceboo call me my # is the same of I can provide my address. NO ONE is trying to take Mireya away. As I said this is JUST ME asking. PLEASE. I will respect privacy etc. PLEASE,



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