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   Mireya was abducted in 2016 by her non- custodial mother & taken to the Philippines. Where she continues to be held.

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Posted on April 19, 2018 at 10:25 PM

We received a private message thru the Missing MIreya face book page last night asking a couple of very specific questions that we would like to address.

1 Where exactly where in Manila Ruth & Mireya are

2 Names and information about Ruth's family (we assume so they could send them messages etc. )

3rd Does the Filipino Embassy know about Mireya's case?

4th Are there any current pictures of Mireya?

5th Has Ruth reached out to anyone in the family?

With regard to the first 2 Let's make this perfectly clear. This page has NOTHING to do with Ruth's family. We feel no need to drag them thru the mud. There is NO reason what so ever anyone but those closely involved in the case to know either Ruth's location or her family information. Agree or disagree but this is how we have chosen to handle things.

With regard to the embassy, yes they are very familiar with Mireya's story.

As far as pictures of Mireya 99% of the time any pictures we see we DO NOT share pictures of her with the public or put them on social media.

And to answer #5 Sadly, no. We wish she would, but it has to be her choice. We can say it's not a trap or anything but we guess in her eyes who are we to believe.

Thanks for understanding

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