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   Mireya was abducted in 2016 by her non- custodial mother & taken to the Philippines. Where she continues to be held.

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We love you. We miss you. We think of you every single day. 

Mireya Bacani Glick was born March 19, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana to Ruth Santos Bacani Glick and Brooks Glick. Mireya's story begins on February 17, 2016 when her mother Ruth Bacani Glick abruptly and without any notice left the home she shared with her then husband in Indianapolis, Indiana taking Mireya with her. She left because she had found out her husband was speaking to a lawyer about a possible divorce and it is presumed she was afraid she would be deported as she was not yet a legal U.S. citizen. We also presume she was afraid that Mireya would be taken from her.

On February 22, 2016 Ruth connected with her husband via his cell phone. She refused to provide him with their location or allow him to see Mireya. 

Brooks went to the Indianapolis police department about Ruth and Mireya. They dismissed him several times saying it was a domestic matter. Telling him she was Mireya's mother that because she had been in touch it wasnt kidnapping. The police even called Ruth on her cell phone. They tried talking to her, but in the end she just hung up on them. Basically if her cell phone was active, her face book was active, & Mireya was her kid there wasn’t much to do. FINALLY after many court hearings in May of 2016, missing person’s reports were filed in Indianapolis for Mireya and Ruth.

There were several court hearing held in regard to the eventual divorce & child custody. Despite calling the court house & confirming she knew about the hearings, Ruth DID NOT show for ANY of the court dates. A bench warrant for her arrest was ultimately ordered. In the end a divorce from her was granted & Mireya’s dad was given full sole physical custody of Mireya with Ruth being granted supervised visitation


Because Ruth was in hiding at the time, Mireya's father was unable to celebrate her 1st birthday with her. And while a picture was pulled off of Ruth's now defunct face book page showing Mireya celebrating her birthday & Ruth did allow Brooks to speak to her, there is no reason he should of missed being with his own child on her very 1st birthday. 

In April of 2016 Ruth despite being ordered by the courts not to leave the state of Indiana, took Mireya out of the country. She was taken to her mother's home country of the Phililppines. She still resides there because the Philippines do not recognize US laws etc. and Parental child abduction is not a crime under Philippine law.

All anyone in Brooks family has ever wanted is to work things out and to know that Mireya is okay & being taken care of. Sadly Mireya's grandpa Glick passed away in June of 2016 without ever seeing his only grandchild again..

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